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True Resin-Bond Diamond

LANDS Superabrasives supplies a carefully engineered line of resin-bond synthetic diamond, having various degrees of G-Ratio’s. The product line is designed to be self-sharpening during the life of the tool. These properties allow the user to obtain extended tool life while maintaining cost effectiveness.

The most friable diamond in the resin-bond series; this crystal fractures quickly and is ideal in low force grinding applications where fast removal rate is key. An irregular shape characterizes this diamond crystal.

Available Sizes: 80/100-400/500

The staple product in the resin-bond series. Its high friability ensures controlled breakdown of
the crystals. Strong bond retention results from its irregular shape and rough surface area.

Available Sizes: 60/80-400/500


A blocky crystal, offering a more consistent crystal shape than the LS100. This crystal is recommended in more demanding applications where a tougher crystal is required, especially in processing material containing more than 20-30% steel.

Available Sizes: 60/80-400/500

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