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LANDS Superabrasives supplies a carefully engineered line of “metal-bond” synthetic diamond, specifically for resin-bond applications. The product-line features sharp crystals, ideal of extended tool-life.


Friable Metal Bond Crystal
One of the strongest crystals in the resin-bond series; with the right-hardened resin-bond it is
an extremely competitive product. The LSMB0 /LSMA0is identified as the ‘all-purpose’ crystal since it remains sharp while retaining its shape in almost all resin-bond grinding.
Available Sizes: 30/40-400/500

Standard Metal Bond Crystal
Although a crystal used primarily in metal-bond, this crystal has proven to be the crystal of choice in resin-bond wheels for steel-carbide grinding. The LS-30W features a true monocrystalline crystal type with a blocky crystal shape.
Available Sizes: 30/40-400/500


Was developed as an alternative to natural diamond it has found its way into the traditional resin-bond series. When a harder bond requires a harder crystal than the regular LS100- series or LSMB0 series, the LS2280 can be utilized. This product is also being promoted as an economical, price controlled alternative to natural diamond grit.
Available Sizes: 30/40-400/500

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