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Sawing & Grinding

LANDS Superabrasives supplies a carefully engineered synthetic diamond grit for sawing and grinding applications. The carbon+ series is manufactured under a new revolutionary engineering process developed by LANDS Superabrasives. The Carbon+ crystals reach the highest level of product quality and consistency.

LS4750+ | LS4760+
This grade is ideal for light applications and medium strength impacts. The distribution of the diamond shape is wider than LS4770+ and LS4780+ respectively. This diamond type is ideal for low impact strength diamond ideal for moderate stone applications. Sintering temperatures up to 850°C.
Available Sizes: 25-400; other sizes upon request

LS4770+ | LS4780+ | LS4790+
The diamonds have a uniform shape and strength with a low inclusion level. Ideal in general purpose applications. The diamonds are mainly cubo-octahedral in shape with a high impact toughness. Ideal in hard granite and concrete applications. Sintering temperature up to 950°C. The diamonds have a very low level of inclusions, wider variety of shape ideal for multipurpose applications.
Available Sizes: 25-400; other sizes upon request

LS4810+ | LS4820+
This is the highest performing grit in the carbon+ range. This diamond is specially engineered to have the most optimized shape and inclusion level. The diamond can be sintered at temperatures in excess of 1000°C. Recommended in reinforced concrete, asphalt as well as core drilling. The diamonds are cubo-octahedral with minimal inclusions and high thermal strength. Ideal in high impact/power machines.
Available Sizes: 25-400; other sizes upon request


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