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Metal Coatings by Electrolysis and Electro-less coating help to improve the life of our Diamond and CBN crystals. LANDS offers a full array of metal coatings. The coatings offer improved bond retention, aid in thermal conductivity, and protection within the bond against thermal degradation. The nickel cladding also assists in heat dissipation protecting the base so it can withstand the highest RPM speeds, grinding forces, and temperatures.

Standard Nickel (30-56-60%): Ideal for high-force grinding.

Spiky Nickel (30-56-60%): Enhanced bond retention/heat dissipation ideal for tungsten carbide grinding applications.

Nodular Nickel (60%): Tough Ni coating; better retention in polyimide resin bonds.

Silver (50%): Dry grinding applications, low-pressure.

Copper (50%): Dry grinding applications.

Titanium (3-10%)

Dual Layer Ti/Ni (60%): Better heat dissipation between Dia/CBN crystal, Ni layer, and bond.

TREATMENTS  Treatment for Electroplating 
All products in Metal-Bond Series can be treated for use in electroplating. These treated products are designated with the suffix “E”, for example, LS4820+E.

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