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Natural Diamond

LSNP Series
LANDS Superabrasives supplies a natural virgin diamond powder which is engineered for metal-bond applications as well as for electroplated products.

LSNPG consists of very blocky, well-shaped natural diamond particles, with irregular surfaces for strong bond retention. The strong edges of this selected product guarantee optimal cutting action of the tool. LANDS takes pride in supplying a consistent quality material.

This product is available in various  versions:


      Lightly processed 

      Fully processed

      Processed and Polished.
Available Sizes: Mesh 12-80

LSNPW is a virgin material that features characteristics similar to LSNPG but marketed in sizes smaller than 80 mesh. This superior material consists of strong particles having compact shape and sharp edges. Having excellent bond retention, LSNPW is known to the tool maker as a true multi-purpose performing natural diamond powder.
Available Sizes: Mesh 80-500

LSNPM is a natural diamond micron powder manufactured to high standard regarding both shape and size distribution. Our quality control guarantees a product that has superior wear characteristics when compared to conventional abrasives. This micron powder is produced to the same strict tolerances as LANDS synthetic diamond micron powders.
Available Sizes: 0-1/4 to 54-80

The high level of thermal stability makes the powders ideally suited for tools requiring high temperature metal-bond systems. When properly heated and under perfect conditions to max 1100°C, diamond will not break down in the manufacturing process.
The natural mesh and micron powders of LANDS Superabrasives are carefully produced to yield a consistent high-quality product. Particle shape and size distribution are carefully monitored.


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