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Size Analysis. Sieving Index:

Test Objective: To determine the size of diamond particles.

Test Procedure: Size Analysis. Sieving Index:

 All Mesh powders are sieved according to the latest ASTM / FEPA standard sieving procedures using electroformed sieves (ANSI B74.16, FEPA and ISO 6106)

All Micron powders are obtained by sedimentation, elutriation, and other sizing techniques resulting in micron products according to (and exceeding) the latest ANSI/ISO standards (ANSI B74.20)
In LANDS’s Quality Control Laboratory proprietary Image Pro Analysis equipment is used for micron powders over 2 micron. For smaller microns, the laser diffraction technology of Malvern testing equipment (Mastersizer 3000) is being used.


Color Index: 

Test Objective: To determine the color of diamond particles to ensure color consistency of diamond specimens.

Test Procedure: a light diffractometer determines the exact color of all diamond specimens.

Result: By setting color range standards, LANDS guarantees color consistency for each and every product. If the specimens are not within the range of tolerances, batches are rejected.


Morphological Spread:

Test Objective: To determine the shape of diamond crystals.

Test Procedure: Diamond crystals are put on vibrating tables, which result in the separation of the material into various batches of crystals having a similar shape. Each shape is assigned a relative index value that indicates the overall particle shape of the sample.

Result: A range of classes of products, wherein each class of crystals is graded so that a uniform and consistent product is guaranteed.


Visual Aspects:

Test Objective: To determine various visual appearances.

Test Procedure: The diamond is checked under a stereomicroscope with different illuminations (light intensities). Shape, structure, color, and degree of inclusions are examined.

LANDS issues histograms upon request, showing the distribution of particles in the powders, measuring median and Cumulative Distributions. In addition to the above tests, LANDS Superabrasives administers a variety of other proprietary tests on the aspects of diamond properties such as Impact Resistance, Fatigue Resistance and Crystal purity.

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