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METAL -BOND Series  LSA Series
For applications where price-performance is most critical LANDS Superabrasives supplies a carefully engineered metal-bond synthetic diamond mostly used in low-impact applications. The LSA series is used primarily in metal-bonds, brazed applications as well as electroplating for a wide variety of high end as well as a number of DIY applications.

LSA04 | LSA08 | LSA12
The economy grade developed especially for low-impact metal-bond wheels as well as an excellent crystal within both electroplating applications. This line performs best in lower temperature applications as well as under lower sintering temperatures. Mostly cubic shaped crystals with sparse inclusions results in a more friable yet aggressive crystal. 
Applications include: Plated and bonded tile-blades, cutting blades, certain brazed product, applications which traditionally use natural diamond.
Available Sizes: Mesh 30-500

LSA16 | LSA20 | LSA24
The medium grades within the LSA series developed specifically for general purposed applications especially in medium power and impact applications. This line is defined by its mostly cubic shape with small levels of inclusions.
Applications include: Non-reinforced concrete granite slabs, sintered temperatures in a range for 900-950˚C, processing of natural stone and applications benefitting most from medium-grinding forces.
Available Sizes: Mesh 30-500

LSA28 | LSA32 | LSA36
The premium grades in the LSA series developed specifically for improved wear performance in high-power and high-impact applications. This line is defined by its cubic shape with very small levels of inclusions and is recommended when the toughest crystal is needed.
Applications include: high temperature metal-bonds and brazed products used for the processing of reinforced concrete, granite and wire sawing.
Available Sizes: Mesh 30-500

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