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Black CBN for Resin-Bond and Metal-Bond Applications

The most friable CBN crystal in the series, although relatively blocky—this product offers the highest friability in the CBN line. The BN2000 is an easily fracturing product used most often in resin-bonds where the wheel maker is looking for a combination of quick removal rate and the most economical crystal.
Available Sizes: 40/50 & 50/60, 60/80-400/500

The staple product in the CBN series, this crystal combines high friability and sharp edge ideal for most resin-bond applications. Its high friability ensures controlled breakdown of the crystals. Strong bond retention results from its irregular shape and rough surface area.
Available Sizes: 40/50 & 50/60, 60/80-400/500

Featuring a regular shaped but still sharp crystal which is used in both resin-bond and vitrified applications, this black crystal is recommended in more demanding applications where a tough crystal is required, especially in processing work-pieces with high steel alloys.
Available Sizes: 40/50 & 50/60, 60/80-400/500

The toughest and most blocky crystal in the pure black CBN line although it can be used in resin-bonds—it would require a hardened resin-bond in order to get optimal tool life out of the crystal. Used primarily in vitrified and electroplating applications, it offers an extremely competitive product because of its ability to withstand the highest force.
Available Sizes: 60/80-400/500

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