LANDS Superabrasives supplies a high quality smooth, safe and high-performance diamond compound known as "LSDIAC".

This product is the ideal compound for grinding, lapping, and polishing various materials from cemented carbides to precious stones. LANDS Superabrasives compounds are manufactured with specially formulated vehicles for all the needs of the polishing and finishing industries.

In LSDIAC compounds our LANDS Superabrasives micron powders will cut, polish and finish continuously.

The diamond particles will roll around between tool and workpiece. All sides and every edge of the diamond will be used since the diamond is suspended in the carrier. This will provide both a high-quality surface finishing and an economical processing time as well.

Two different types of diamond are available in LSDIAC paste, depending upon application:
LS600F: used for processing cemented carbide, steel and other metals (metallographic analysis).
LS600T: used for processing glass, crystal, PCD blanks, precious and semi-precious stones.


Our synthetic diamond micron powders, LS600F and LS600T, are micronized and graded according to both National and International Standards (ANSI B74-20, FEPA 1977, U.S. Bureau of Standards).

LSDIAC is available in a wide range of sizes. All compounds are color coded for easy identification.



¼ white ½ white 1 ivory
3 yellow 6 orange 9 green
15 blue 30 red 45 brown
70 purple 95 gray 135 black

*Other sizes are available upon request


LSDIAC is supplied in sealed plastic jars or syringes allowing a better and more precise dosing.

Availability is as follows:
Syringes or jars :2 5 10 15 18 20 and 25 gram/unit

Jars only :10 25 50 100 250 and 500 gram/unit



LSDIAC is available in three concentrations: light, medium and heavy.



The diamond powders are mixed in a variety of carriers to obtain a homogeneous, soft and well

performing paste or compound. LSDIAC is available in an oil soluble, a water soluble and a both water and oil soluble carrier.



LSDIAC-AM-F6, 5 gr. syringe

A = oil/water soluble carrier

M = medium diamond concentration

F = LS600F diamond for metal processing

6 = 6 micron size (4-8 micron)